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picture of a bathtub very nice after refinishing serviced was applied

Bathtub repair & refinishing

is the process of restoring a damaged or outdated bathtub to its original appearance or giving it a new look.

tiles very clean after finishing service was applied

Bathtub and tile walls reglazing

is a process of restoring the surface of a bathtub and tile walls to give them a new, refreshed look.

countertop showing a refinished applied

Vanity countertop refinishing

is the process of restoring the surface of a bathroom and kitchen vanity countertop to give it a new, refreshed look.

picture of painted cabinets

Kitchen cabinets painting

is the process of giving kitchen cabinets a fresh look by applying a new coat of paint.

Kitchen Interior

Kitchen countertop faux-granite overcoat

is a process of applying a new surface to a kitchen countertop to give it the look of granite without the cost of replacing the countertop.

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